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Jul 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
, settled within 20 miles of either the ohio or the lower mississippi river. they were used to farming in heavily wooded areas. and to them for me was a formula should be cut down trees and pull out hundreds of stumps before you did. the idea of going out into the vast grasslands and dropping about was something it was very difficult for them to get to my to read to the other problem of course they can find in southern illinois was they had no ability really get tired of to link it if you have done this after you cut down a forest, you know that the stumps after youtube land, at that point it was impossible to get clear title to incorporate these people were not just the they were basically squatters because the public lands had not been put on sold or were not put on sale until 1814. so other than a few people who held under agent grants, most of these before taking a risk and settling in a wilderness at that point. and ran the risk that therefore might at some point be bought out from under them by some better money speculative from the east. would enable the public lands to be surve
Jul 15, 2012 8:45am EDT
a little over an hour. is the a nonfiction author or okwuetse ses -mat were tweaked us at twitterom/booktv. >> several years ago and the queen was that one of her yearly garden parties makin y inee aelone guests, she was asking such standard questions as have you come for? when one woman lood at her and said, what do you-seeal l aen hdarthee described exchange and confess confessed that i had nidea what to say. it was the first time in all the years of meeting people that quonne had ever asked me that whhe but to tell what she's really like. to take the reader as close as possible to elizabeth the human being, the wife, mother an friend, as well the ghly wht liorite about the elizabeth, second, i would like to share with you some of the many surprising discoveries that i made about the queen. becae she is t best known pe fasw, t ereal woman is very different from the woman this is my fifth biography, all of them are about larger-than-life charactrs s arntd, t's ne h uen,ds ve hvro o world. other heads of state have come and gone. elizabeth is the longest-servi leader i
Jul 22, 2012 2:00pm EDT
into what makes this nation so excellent. we know that it's you. father, a thank you for each one of use of -- thank you for each one of these and people. we thank you for the time and pray that continues throughout the day. please bless each one of our speakers as they come out and impart wisdom. we pray that you would bless each one of these young people at that lead today to go out and change the nation, to protect those values that make it so great, to reflect you. we pray that each one of these and people would not grow weary but they would mount up on the wings like eagles. but pinky for the state and ask you to bless it might lead in jesus' name. >> thank you. and we do appreciate the hospitality of the heritage foundation for some 200 students coming from about 100 different colleges. i hope you have found a very profitable and enjoyable. i'm going to call on a representative of the heritage foundation. director of the young eagles program. just take a minute or so about the heritage program. we do some great work -- they do some great work and we appreciate their cooperation. >>
Jul 23, 2012 7:00am EDT
registered voters than there are adults over the age of 18 according to the u.s. census. because of a clue. what to me to put this will, there's simple steps. have they photo id to present at the polls and clean up absentee balloting. absentee ballots of the to a choice because you can register, applied for a ballot, then, and in many cases never have to present himself. kansas has been very good form. often require the you have a legitimate excuse to ask for an absentee ballot. they should make an effort to vote on election day. the few votes to early you have people voting before the last debate stiffeners. in addition, when you apply you have to give them the last four digits of his social security number, and that has reduced from dramatically. we are told this is the other suppression. we're told this is a return to the jim crow laws. well, frankly 80 percent of americans support the total idea pools. the thomas is a high percentage for any issue, even high and another that your humble pie because people are estranged and some people. chieftains of hispanics and african-americans supp
Jul 23, 2012 5:00am EDT
bound to do his share. i submit to you that most of us have not learned our share of freedom. most of us have not been on the battlefield. over 1 million of our ancestors died, beginning with the revolution and since then to preserve our freedoms. that's why i call our constitution are it, learned, or lose it. arnett, studying it and learning it will lose some. so what is freedom? i don't know how you define it. i can tell you that it has a lot to do with knowledge. thomas jefferson says freedom and ignorance cannot long survive together. just think about the impact of what that means. that means, if we do not maintain our knowledge of our government and constitution we will have tierney and our doors to. to enjoy freedom we must maintain our knowledge. justice said khalil would suggest to you that the main portion of the constitution, these first seven articles, destruction -- the structure, if you will, the government, the genius behind the framers that makes our government sometimes an official, but checks and balances power along the way. and don't let anybody ever tell you these men
Jul 29, 2012 6:00pm EDT
advanced payment of bonuses that were due in 1945. president herbert hoover ordered the u.s. army to a defect the marchers from camp in washington, d.c. on july 28, 1932. this is about 45 minutes. >> so, i was going to talk a little bit about the impetus for the book, where the book came from, "my father's bonus march." with every book i've written, it always seems -- it seems almost to residential, but there's always just one small incident that starts off, and it's one small incident and it keeps mushrooming and mushrooming into a book. with my first two novels the washington story the journal of the novel if you will come began with just imaginary conversations of three people on the street corner in my old neighborhood, west rogers park, been trying to imagine who these people were on the street corner. imagine their lives, the family, the time period, and a thousand pages later into the first draft, i realized there was going to be a novel after all. with ellington boulevard it began with one simple moment coming home to an apartment that you thought was yours and finding a r
Jul 28, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. this is something we have to do to make sure there isn't an attack against us and especially during an election year. i think it comes with this idea that there still is a military solution and let's recognize that a lot of people in this administration came from the last administration. there isn't that much of a transformation from the bush administration to the obama administration when it comes to the military and when it comes to the cia. in fact there's just been a little rearranging of the titles. so it's the same mindset and some of the same exact people and it's a reflection of an inability to have a military solution in afghanistan even with boots on the ground. some people say that this administration's way of dealing with the war is a whack-a-mole policies, they whack them in afghanistan and then they go to yemen and whack them there and now they are talking about having drones in africa. i think what is implied in your question is an somebody going to stop at some point and say this doesn't make any sense? on the other hand it keeps the military complex going and as long as americans co
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7